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  1. You can create a time event from the settings menu as shown above or by left clicking on a graph at the time where you want to display an event.

  2. When clicking the graph a pop up window will display. The same window displays creating a time event from settings.
    If displaying the event in the current graph only and not on all reports use this method. The red circle is where you would click if adding an event for July 2019.

  3. Click on Create a time event if using settings

  4. The pop up window displays as below

    Type - Holiday or Other
    Title - i.e. Changed Target
    Visibility - Public or Private
    Marker Type - i.e. Flag
    Colour - Choose your own colour
    Shown on - All Reports or Select a report. (adding a time event directly from the graph gives the option Current report Only)
    Begin - put in dates
    Description - add something meaningful to other users

    Then Save

  5. To see the time event hover on the flag.

  6. To read or edit the time event click on the flag

  7. You can edit or delete the time event in the above window.


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