The Dynamic Text Row Type



This row type allows you to create a row using a scripting language galled ‘TWIG’. This language is well documented here:

This will allow you to use Boolean logic to display different values. For example if revenue is greater than $100000 then show the number 1, else show the number 0.

If the result of the output is a number then it can be used in calculations.

There are a number of functions that have been added to enhance TWIG, these are listed at the bottom of the input box:


A group function has also been created to help TWIG work better with ‘group by’ reports. This will allow a value to be returned showing the index, key or value of a grouped result.

Example: {{row(<rowname>)[group().key]}}

Here is an example of how to use this in a group by date report:

ROW[KEY]:{{row('rev_pos')[group().key]}} KEY:{{group().key}} VALUE:{{group().value }} INDEX:{{group().index }}

The result: