How to set up remote access for support

Support will send you an email That will have a link to set up like this https;//startcontrol/s/#$%^&

Make sure the email was sent you from a email address. If not a Profitdiagnostix address contact us to confirm before opening.


Click on start control link to open

  1. Click on start control link to download. then save file

  2. In most cases it will disappear, so go to your downloads folder and open from there, below is what you will see

  3. A screen to comfirm the down load will appear then the installer language

  4. Next will pop up the windows installer

  5. The setup will run

  6. Next the service will be there and ask you …Click yes

  7. Then Click None This allows the vet to get back to consults.

  8. You are ready for support access


 10. Our staff will delete the access after the task is completed