Uninstall Slyncy/ProfitDiagnostix from a workstation

Where ProfitDiagnostix/Slyncy has been installed on a workstation or server and needs to be uninstalled.

This refers only to that component of ProfitDiagnostix/Slyncy that is used to push data to the cloud dashboards from in house servers.

Occasionally, an uninstall may be required if the tool needs updating or there is already a tool installed on another / better computer on the users network

Step-by-step guide

The following steps should be followed:

  1. go to control panel >> add remove programs

  2. Find the program called 'Slyncy Desktop' (depending on the version it may also be called 'SVA Agent' or 'gtruck' or 'Slyncy Agent'

  3. Select this and click on the 'uninstall / change' option at the top

  4.  Windows will uninstall the program