Product Reminder Dashboard


This dashboard is only deployed to specific customers and may not be visible in your system.

This dashboard can be used to identify customers who purchased certain products in a time period and then did not return to re-purchase these products

An example case use would be to identify customers who had their pets vaccinated 12 to 24 months ago but did not return in the subsequent year.

Names, addresses and contact information is displayed for these customers to allow you to contact them.

Navigation: Go to main menu → My Dashboards → Product Reminder






  1. Initially this dashboard shows no data.

  2. Click the scenario button:


  3. Populate the products box with the products you want to analyse for missed purchases

  4. Populate the date ranges for when the product was last purchased and when you would have expected a repurchase. Make sure that the range for repurchase is wide enough to allow for repurchases to be detected. Here is a good example of date ranges for a product where an annual repurchase was expected


  5. Give this scenario a meaningful name if you want to re-use it:

    Remember to tick the icon on the right to save the name

  6. Close the scenario pop-up and a dashboard will load listing all the customers who missed subsequent purchases.

  7. This dashboard will also display the percentage of returning customers (recall rate):