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  1. This report measures the ability of your various team members to SELL your services.

    There is a great difference between a team member who completes and invoices a lot of work versus a team member who is good at selling services. The two actions require very different skills and it is often the individual's inability to SELL that causes a loss to the business.

  2. This report will identify team members who are likely to need some sales training. It will also identify team members who are good at converting sales and thus can be used to assist those who are not confident at converting sales.


  3. The report splits data into these categories for easy interpretation:


    - these are the key client facing events that allow a team member to sell something to a customer. Generally they are face to face consultations, revisits and vaccination visits.

    Number Invoiced

    - this is a count of the number of the particular fee item that was INVOICED by a particular user. This indicates that this would be the person who did the work, which may or may not be the same person who spoke to the customer about the service.

    Number Converted

    - this is the count of the number of the particular service that the user SOLD. Here the system uses artificial intelligence to review the customers history and allocates the kudos of the sale to the person who last spoke to the customer not the person who completed the invoice.

    Percentage Conversion

    - this is the true measure of the individuals ability to close a sale. It uses the formula Number converted / Opportunities and therefore shows what percentage of sales opportunities the user completes eventually become invoices (sales). Users with a low percentage conversion are individuals who are not so confident with sales.

  4. This report can be modified using the scenarios button, copied or shared.

  5. The scenario can be used to select a group of staff ( consulting or surgery Vets ) or a different date range. For more information on how to set a scenario go to this link How to create a Scenario

  6. To share this dashboard go to this link Share Dashboards

  7. To copy the report click the copy button. Copying a dashboard