Staff Performance Dashboards


Staff Performance Dashboards

Dashboards designed to monitor how your staff are performing in your practice as a whole.

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  1. These dashboards assess how your Veterinary staff are performing in your practice.

  2. The targets are set according to the estimated workload of that Vet. You will notice the target lines in the graphs of the staff reports are not a straight line. If the “target dentals” for a practice is 10 a week and a vet does 20% of the consults, repeat consults and vaccinations ( Client Facing Events ), then it allocates 20% of the total practice target to that vet - in this example “2 dentals” would be the target.

  3. The table for each metric will show the period ( weekly or monthly ) the number of dentals Invoiced ( The actual doing count ), followed by the target and then the dentals converted ( The count of the dental that vet has generated for the practice )

  4. The conversion number will usually continue to count when a Vet is on leave as they may have booked in a dental prior to going on leave.

  5. The Business logic in the system will automatically identify when a vet is on leave and set their target to zero.

  6. The same principle is applied to each KPI in the Staff reports, i.e Revisits, cytology, imaging etc.


Your Profit Diagnostix support staff will have provided a detailed explanation of the dashboards made available on your data hub at setup. For further information please use the following link to book a call or meeting.

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