How to map products

When setting up your datahub, you must map your invoiced items into the relevant categories.

Go into Settings >> Setup Wizard

Click on Products. You will see a table full of your invoiced products.

By default, only products invoiced in the last 365 days, with a minimum quantity of 1, will be displayed.

Products are displayed in descending order, with the most invoiced product at the top.

To change the order, click the button next to "All products order by". You can choose from

Total DESC - largest invoiced product in descending order

Total ASC - smallest invoiced product displayed first in ascending order

Code ASC - Alphabetical order in ascending order

Code DESC - Alphabetical order in descending order

 This will change products in both screens 

By hovering over a product, it will tell you the Selling price, Invoice lines, Quantity and Total if available.

Click on the product you want moved, and drag and drop into the relevant category.

The chosen product will turn blue in the "Available Products" table, and if you hover over it will tell you which category the product has been assigned to.

Another option is to filter the available products by typing the product name or code in the search bar.

You can also select multiple products, by either holding ctrl and clicking the products, or clicking the first product, holding shift and clicking the last desired product to select products grouped together. Your selected products will be highlighted.

It is best practice to always press "Save" after you have filled a category to ensure you don't lose the products you just mapped.

When counting Vaccination Juvenile (Puppy and kitten), only count the second or third course.  

When counting General Anesthetics, we want to see the total of all General Anesthetics / Dentals / Desexings to measure the use of the operating theater.

Some clinics will invoice 'desex' and 'GA' on an invoice, and some will just have a single 'desex' fee without a GA item.

If an invoice has only the single fee, this means 'desex' will have to be mapped in the Anesthesia Gas category. The same applies for dentals.

To identify these, go into My Dashboards > APL Annual Benchmarking Checklist > Choose the value for "Number Speys", "Number Castrates" or "Number Dentals"  

Choose a couple of invoices and you will be able to tell if they include General Anesthetic or not.

The system does not double count. If multiple vaccination fees are on one invoice, the system counts it as a single.

The same rule applies for radiography, general anesthetics, dentals, repeat consults and consults. 

Follow this link on examples of what to look for when mapping