Disable automatic Windows user logout for unattended remote access

To allow unattended access using a remote control software (e.g. Damenware Remote Access Everywhere) the computer needs to stay logged in. Otherwise the windows administrator credentials are needed to login or someone needs to login before a technician can access the computer which can be difficult due to different timezones or busy practices.

Follow the following steps to disable the automatic logout which is usually set to 15 min by default:

  1. Open the Windows 10 setting window by clicking the gear icon in the Windows start menu.


  2. Click on “Personalisation” in the Settings window:


  3. Click on “Lockscreen”:


  4. Scroll down and click “Screen timeout settings“:


  5. Set the the “When plugged in,…” dropdown to “Never” in the “Screen” and “Sleep” section.
    Depending on the type of computer (laptop/server) there might be no battery setting.

Now the user should stay logged in until he logs out manually.