How to create a Scenario

Scenarios in your Dashboard

Quite a number of the dashboards have the opportunity to create a scenario. Some allow staff filtering, and others allow date filtering.

Navigation: Go to main menu → then report your using




The example below is a Lincoln year 3 part time staff to full time equivalent Scenario

Customising your dashboard.

  1. Where applicable, at the top of your report you will have the Scenario button where you modify the criteria selected. The button is a shown below


  2. Click on the New Scenario button


  3. There is an edit pencil beside the name where you change the name of the scenario to easily reuse it at a later date.
    Click the the tick to save.
    ( If you forget to tick it will save Automatically )


  4. To select a staff member click on the edit pencil indicate


  5. Then move the staff name across and save

    to get that variable selected


  6. Selecting the date range has many options. For Lincoln go to Custom. The other options included in the drop down box include rolling dates, Fiscal Year, etc.


  7. Repeat for the above for Comparison period. Usually the previous period.



  8. Enter hours worked i.e. 30 x52 = 1560 .


  9. Enter salary for the year


  10. Then Close . Your report will fill.


  11. Your scenario will be saved until you delete it.





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