Slyncy - how to find Slyncy on your PC

This article will give you a number ways to check that Slyncy is currently installed on your server/PC.

It can be used to find Slyncy to uninstall when required.


We are commonly asked how do check if Slyncy Desktop is installed. Below are few ways to check

  1. The latest versions ( 2020 / 2021 updates ) of Windows have introduced the phone style APP.
    To get to this click on the window in the bottom left of your screen ( this method seems to work on most modern versions of windows )


    Then settings

    Next click on Apps

    You will then get a list of apps & Features installed on your computer. Scroll down to the S section.

    If you are looking for Slyncy on a server or PC that is being replaced to uninstall Slyncy so there aren’t two slyncy’s running at once you can do it here. Click on SlyncyDecktop to make the uninstall option appear, then uninstall.

  2. The more traditional way to find a program / App is to go to the control panel.
    To get to the control panel, Type Control or part thereof in the search of the taskbar. Then click on the Control panel as shown.

    Then Programs


    You will get this option next, click on Programs and features.

    Then slyncy can be found here.

    To uninstall right click on Slyncy then uninstall

  3. Tray version usually associated with Cornerstone

    You can just search Slyncy as above or if running see it in the tray of your taskbar.