How to create a new Target Report

To create a target report you need to be in Chrome. Firefox does not work ( even copying an existing report )

There are two options to creating a target report. You create a new report or copy an existing report and modify it.

Create a new Target Report or Copy a Target report

Create a new report

  1. Go to settings → Target Reports


  2. Click create new report

  3. From here you give your target report a name and build the report.

Copy an existing report and modify

  1. Go to Settings → Target Reports → then click the copy existing report button

  2. Change the display Name → make sure to tick the Copy as Target Report check box

  3. Then click on Save as New

  4. From here you modify the target report where you need changes.

  5. Once the changes are done your report will appear as below

  6. The lowest report overrides the higher reports. You can adjust the order by clicking on the three vertical bars under Sort and dragging the reports to the desired order

To delete the report if you decide you don’t want it click the X beside the report to be deleted under the Action column.