Target Reports

Editable Target Reports

Edit report targets or create new report

Navigation: Go to main menu → Settings → Target Reports



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The target in the lowest report of the list of target reports overrides the above reports………ONLY IF THE TARGET IS MARKED VISIBLE. A Hidden target will be missed and not override the above report

Very Important ********************

In the below case the highlighted report has priority.

Change a target

  1. Most of the targets in reports are formula based. These are preset and designed adjust as your business grows. The number of active client is an integral factor to calculating a target.

  2. Some targets are a static figure. These also calculated combining extensive data collected from both accounting and practice management systems.

  3. If you wish to change a target it can be done here.

  4. A typical hub will have the display name Target Transactional Reports

  5. Click on the edit pencil shown below


  6. All the row names from your reports will be displayed, scrolling down variables below and scrolling down further a preview of the targets unique to your hub/dashboards.



  7. To change a target click on the edit pencil in the row of the target you wish to alter.


  8. Change the value or formula - (take a copy to replace it at a later date) then save


  9. After changing a target it is highly recommended you add a Time Event flag to your report to specify where the change was made and alert other users/support to the change.

  10. You will need to reset your targets → Click on set targets.


Create an Time Event flag in the modified report