How Do I Restart Slyncy Agent on my Server/PC if I notice that data upload has stopped

In some instances, the tool that extracts the data from your system (Slyncy Agent) stops working. Often this occurs if there is a server restart or windows update. Although we set the software to continue working after server reboots, such is the unpredictability of various servers, so you may have to restart Slyncy manually. Here is what to check:

Firstly start the 'services' manager on your server. This is easy. Just type 'services in the search, then click the services icon:

Here you will find a service called Slyncy Agent in the long list of services. You will find them alphabetically

Make sure that Slyncy Agent has the words 'running' next to it. If it is not running then data cannot be pushed to Profitdiagnostix

In the instance that Slyncy agent is not started then right click it and select 'start'. If it is started, it does not hurt to 'restart' it again ( this will act as a reboot )