Datasource - How to give access

What is a Datasource?

A Datasource is the connector that pulls through the data from the accounting software and the practice management software. This is found in Settings > Datasource.

How do you tell if it is working?

To see a Datasource working, click "queue" to pull the information through. Under "Sync Data" will be a time stamp, if you click on this it will take you to the job log, and let you know what stage of the data pull it is up to.


Next to the connector, there is a "Schedule" button where you are able to schedule a daily time to pull the data. This is usually scheduled for night time when the practice is quiet.

Health check

To check the status of a datahub, click Settings > Health Check. This will tell you if there are problems with the connector, unassigned ledger accounts, unmapped products, unreleased dashboards. 

Different Datasources:

Generic Connector

The following are accounting/practice management software Profitdiagnostix connects to, and instructions on how to connect them:


MYOB Accountright

Reckon/ Quickbooks Desktop

Reckon Hosted





Sage 50 Accounts Desktop


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