Connecting or testing the connection


Navigation: Go to main menu → Settings → Data Sources



Test Connectivity, download connectors

  1. The options available in this section depend a great deal upon the type of connector.
    Cloud systems will need a domain, login and password.
    Click Configure to see your connection type

  2. Systems that use a Gtruck service will need to be downloaded and installed.
    An already installed Gtruck might need connection test to see if Profit Diagnostix can communicate with your PC where the Gtruck is loaded. To do that click on the Test Connectivity button

    When you send a PING to the PC with the Gtruck loaded, you will get Pong back to let your know they are talking to each other.

    If no Pong then something is wrong. Make sure the internet is currently connected.

  3. Contact

  4. Some data hubs will have the Request Connection Status button
    To check what parameters are being used you can use this function


Select a template for a Gtruck

  1. If you have Gtruck you will need to select the appropriate Template for the system your reading.

  2. Click on Configure in the Data Source menu


  3. The template will fill with most information you need. Click on the drop down menu at Link with Template
    In this case RxWorks template is used. Your software provider will supply you with the connection details

  4. If using RxWorks, their support would need to give you :-
    Server IP
    Instance Name
    Data Base Name
    Port Number
    You are prompted for the username, and password as below.
    A link to instruction are provided on the templates.


  5. Test Connectivity as above, you can request connection status by clicking the Request Connection Status button. Some templates don’t have this function.





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