Splitting a data source to a branch


Navigation: Go to main menu → Settings → Datasources


You need to be in Report3 Test to split a branch Administrators Only.


  1. If there is a branch it will be shown


  2. Contact support@profitdiagnostix.com to help with splitting branches.

Previously Split hubs.

  1. If a Data hub is split to branches already and you need to purge the data hub for some reason. For example a large equipment purchase was put into the Practice Management System.

    Updating the data hub doesn’t automatically flow on to the split hubs.
    The split hub have to be purged as well.

  2. In some case the splits should be removed and reinstalled.
    This will also effect the Meta data in Reports admin. (Re tagging issue)

A detailed instruction can be found here. Internal Administrator access only. Please contact Support for help if you need to re split the hubs.
NOTE: Large numbers of invoices currently run in Stage to accommodate Java memory.