Update Plans, View Credit Card on file, and Update Credit Card

View Profit Diagnostix plan, view Card on file, and update Credit Card

Navigation: Go to main menu → Click on your profile → Account → Billing




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How to view and update billing details

  1. Plan Dashboards
    View or change your plan. Click on the (change) to look at alternative plans available for your dashboards
    Contact for further information.

  2. Card on file
    This is where you can view the card on file. It will display the name, last four digits of your CC and the expiration date. If no card entered it will say that


  3. Update Credit Card
    To enter a card for the first time or to enter a new card use this panel, then click the update tab. This is also the update for replacement cards or expired credit cards


  4. Should you no longer wish to subscribe to Profit Diagnostix click Cancel my subscription.



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