System users

Give access to you dashboards.

Navigation: Go to main menu → Account → Users


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Links to user changes


If a Profit Diagnostix subscriber only wants to share a report to employed staff they do not need to have access as a user. You can do this in shared reports Adding a user will enable the invitee to view all dashboards.


How to give access to a user

  1. Click on the Invite User button, you will need the new users email address.


  2. Fill in the name and email of the new user and click Invite


  3. An email will be sent to your invited user (as below). The role of the user will remain Pending until the user has opened the email and set their password. Then the role will change from pending to user.

    Should the invited user have lost the email you can easily resend the invite using the button highlighted. The new email will overwrite the old email which will now not be able to be used to set a password.

  4. The user will receive the following invite. Once they open the link they can set their password to create their own profile.


  5. They set their password



  6. Once the user has set their password the role will change to user