Getting Started

Here are the things you need to do to get Profitdiagnostix working:

  1. Register with Profitdiagnostix. You should have already received an invitation to use Business Dashboards. You need to register in order to view the dashboards.
  2. Complete the Setup Wizard. Log into your dashboards and click Settings > Setup Wizard.
    1. Follow the guide on: Mapping your profit and loss statement/income statement. It is VERY important to get this right to get the profit and loss reports correct.
    2. Fill in the section on: Making things fair - let's compare apples with apples
    3. Follow the guide on: Mapping your fees. It is VERY important to get this right to get the staff reports correct.
    4. Set some targets in the: Targets per Year section

Staff setup:


  • If your data is more than 3 days behind, it will show a warning. Depending on your system, this may be because your PMS server is offline, configurations have changed, or something has gone wrong on our side. If the problem continues, please contact and please mention the following things:
    • what time is your computer turned off at night (if at all)
    • have there been any software updates or changes recently
    • has your accountant made any changes to your accounting software recently