Populating Conversion Items

Populate your conversion items to show who advised a client to book a procedure, even if the procedure was done by another staff member.

Navigation: Go to main menu → Settings → Setup Wizard → Conversions



How to populate conversions

  1. When a new hub has been created, conversions can be set by clicking the populate button. The Current Value: should read 0 Products. This step should only be done after the product mapping is done. Profit diagnostix looks at what is a conversion product, then searches back through your invoices up to three months to accredit the staff member who promoted a service and identify the staff member who did the work. This is a big calculation and can take a few minutes.

  2. An existing hub/branch that has had some new products or services added will need the conversion products to be repopulated. After the new invoice line items from your practice management system have been mapped to the appropriate categories, you can tick the delete all existing conversion items box and then click the populate button. This will repopulate the conversions including any new items added.


  3. The date selection box will appear. Choose a date (usually 1 year ago) to start the conversion.


  4. To view the conversion Items- Click on the pencil highlighted

After clicking on the edit pencil the below screen will be displayed.

To Display products being converted in product mapping tick the box below.

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