Business Health Check

Your Dashboard Functions

How to drill down further into the data displayed in your report.

Navigation: Go to main menu → My dashboards → Business Health Check


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Using the dashboard functions of the Business Health check

  1. The Business Health Check is a dashboard that features some very special functions
    When you hover over the data figures in the tables you get the opportunity to drill down further and see the invoice data being measured.

  2. A good place to start is the Opportunities to sell table

  3. Look at Primary opportunities and go to the bottom number which will be measuring primary consults in the current month. Click on that number. There will be two years of data listed monthly. If this example had only two months the you would click on 43.


  4. The Drill down table will show you exactly what is being mapped as a Primary Consult.


  5. You can Drilldown further by clicking on the invoice number, Patient ID or Client. Below is the invoice number


  6. By clicking on the invoice number you can see what was billed in your Practice management system.

  7. The graphs are interactive. Hover over lines in the graphs and a small information display will pop up.

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