Staff Performance Monthly-Small Animals

Staff performance monthly displayed over the last 12 months


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Staff Monthly - Small Animals

  1. This report shows a line chart of various items a Primary Staff Member has invoiced. Values are also displayed in tables next to each chart for clarity.

    Note that the system counts items that have been invoiced under the Primary Staff Members name while working.
    It is therefore important that you make sure that procedures that are performed by the Primary Staff Member are invoiced under their name while working.

  2. This report can be modified using the scenarios button, or copied and can also be shared to an email address.

  3. The scenario can be used to select staff or a different date range.

    Individual Staff scenarios are automatically generated and can be viewed at “My Dashboards → Personalised Staff Performance Dashboards”

    For more information on how to set a scenario go to this link

  4. To share this dashboard go to this link

  5. To copy the report click the copy button.