Lincoln Benchmarking Checklist

A report to assist completing the Lincoln surveys

This dashboard is only deployed to Lincoln customers.

Navigation: Go to main menu → My Dashboards → Lincoln Benchmarking Checklist



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Instructions for Lincoln dashboard

  1. There are three tables.
    The Profit and Loss
    Practice overview
    Invoice Lines Pro rata to FTE
    These are designed to assist answering the questions in the Lincoln reports.

  2. The Full time vet value of the selected staff is based on the number of client facing events and General anesthetics administered. If you would rather use hours worked, please enter hours worked in the scenario at the top of this report.

  3. To create a Lincoln scenario for a staff member, click on the Scenarios button in your Lincoln report.


  4. Click New scenario


  5. At title change the name of the scenario so you can easily identify the staff member next time you come back to scenario’s. → click the tick (red arrow) to save the title change.



  6. To select a staff member click on the edit pencil


  7. Click on the staff member and move across to the left column from the right as shown with Joe Demo. Then save.


  8. Do the same for the date range. There are many options for date range. Click the drop down and go to Custom. Select the dates you need for your survey. Then Save.


  9. So Joe worked 30 hours a week and we paid him $80,000. We would enter 1560 hours and 80k at the edits as shown, then close. Your scenario will create and the report will fill.


  10. All the fields or report will fill. The far right column Actual number for selected staff will have the actual figures for the hours worked, the Pro rata to FTE will fill to what the figures would be if the vet was a full time position.


  11. Selecting a Date Range for a comparison period. This field will change the date ranges in the revenue section of the dashboard. The date range is highlighted and the section selected is indicated by the arrow.



TOTAL vet hours scenario

The above scenario uses a formula, as there is no way to accurately collect the hours worked from accounting software. Lincoln asks for TOTAL vet hours for the period of the report. Below is how to create a scenario for TOTAL Vet hours of your practice.

  1. Create a new scenario and name it total vet hours.



  2. Then we’ll take the example for this instruction of Practice with 4 Vets who all amazingly work exactly 38 hours each per week. So each year they work (38x52) = 1976 x 4 vets =7904 hour for the practice.

  3. You fill in hours by selected staff as highlighted below


  4. The report will display the figures for exactly 4 full time staff members. So if PD formula tells you your practice has 4.56 FTE but you only have four actual staff then the highlighted column will.

    You can use this same method for one individual staff member.


A more detailed Scenario instruction can be found here


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