Staff Dashboards

Staff dashboards are setup automatically by the system. The role rules are as followed:

Automatic staff creation:
Staff are automatically added from your practise management system with a role of Auto. Only staff members who have invoiced something in the last 3 months are added.

Primary Staff members:
The system automatically checks whether staff should be upgraded from Auto to Primary. This is done whenever an adequate amount of conversion products are invoiced in the previous 30 days.

Activating and deactivating members:
The system automatically checks whether staff be deactivated and set to Inactive. This is done whenever a user has not invoiced anything for the last 3 months.

Similarly the system checks whether any inactive staff need to be reactivated (such as if a staff member went on leave and returns). Any deactivated users who have invoiced something in the last 3 months are set to Auto or Primary depending on the previous rules.

Modifying staff roles:
You are free to change a user's role, however if the Staff Role Rules above are met, then the role will be changed the next time the above rules are automatically evaluated. If you change the user to Support, the system cannot change this even if the above rules are met.

To manually change a users role:

Go to Settings > Setup Wizard

Click on Staff. You will see the Staff Role Rules, followed by a list of names that have been pulled from your practice management system

To change a users role, click on the pencil next to their name.

You can change the name of the user, add in their email address, and merge names.

By clicking "Update Staff/Groups and User Performance Scenarios", all user scenarios will be updated/created.

If a user has more than one login name, follow these instructions.