How to give access to Quickbooks API

How to connect Profit Diagnostix to your Quickbooks Accounting System

You will get an invite into Hubspot if the invite is to

Follow the prompts and accept.

Note for customers who are sending an invite to support from overseas it is imperative that we are invited using the support email as a company administrator not an accountant. If they invite us as an accountant the quickbooks security will disallow the different region. The below error will appear.

When getting the customer to invite, instruct the following When adding the user it needs to be

Company Admin As per the below


Accepting the invite in hubspot you should see this………


It could get changed …….
Then use email to verify


Quickbooks In PD

  1. Click on the Quickbooks Connector


  2. In the popup enter the credentials of the Quickbooks practice account or the account the company file is shared to


  3. Select the company file of the practice


  4. Confirm permissions for Profit Diagnostix


  5. Change the connector name if needed (the name of the Quickbooks file is set by default and it’s recommended not to change it as it is the only way to know where the connector is connected to). Press “Create” to create the connector.


  6. The new Quickbooks connector now appears on Profit Diagnostix Datasources. Press “Configure” and choose the “Quickbooks” template. Press “Save” and then “Back”.