How to give Access to MYOB Accountright

Open MYOB Accountright

GO to: 

setup →  user access → add new user
It is important to enable a successful connection to Profit Diagnostix  that the user must have ADMINISTRATOR permissions
  1. Name Profit and Surname Diagnostix , the email ( Using this name help identify the user in you accounting software. With staff changes and the lapse of time the name of the PD staff member can become unknown to your staff )
  2. Invite the user  support@profitdiagnostix.comIt is important to not use the email of the the PD staff member communicating with you

This link below will take you to the MYOB instruction video showing you how to add a user in detail.
If the file isn't online, follow these instructions to setup online file access:
If you are having issues after you are connected, follow this link.